Account | Docs is an independent, ethical email provider for private individuals.

Our focus is on privacy and security, open standards, stability and performance. We operate from Sweden and our servers are hosted in EU datacenters. started life as the self-hosted personal email of a couple UNIX greybeards, but we soon realized it was too good to keep it all to ourselves. We do not have any agenda other than providing a seamless, ethical email service to people from all walks of life; an alternative for those wishing to opt out of today's dystopian surveillance capitalism (also dubbed the data economy). We also like simple, dependable services that do one thing and do it well. As email is (still) fundamental to being online, we created the service that serves us best. We suspect you too might like it!

We currently offer accounts to early adopters exclusively via an invitation scheme (no public registrations), and we do not ask for payments while we test and mature the system. This beta phase is meant to be temporary, and once it is over, account holders will be required to pay a small subscription fee (projected to be around 1 EUR/month) to cover hosting and operational expenses going forward.

What we provide:

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